I’ve just returned from two nights in the beautiful Dunkeld.  This place now rates very highly on my list of favourite places in the world.  Seclusion, natural beauty, abundant flora and fauna and cosy village life… if I wasn’t so dependent on City luxuries, I’d move here in a second!

Hopping off the two hour bus from Edinburgh, SH and I were greeted by this view:

60488_857307125332_170938864_n (1)

Enough snow had settled and the mist was hanging low, so the view over the River Tay, towards Dunkeld, was stunning.  Dragging our inappropriate cases and canvas soaked shoes over the bridge, we arrived at our hotel, the Atholl Arms.  I won’t write a full review of this place but will say it absolutely fit the bill.  Although the restaurant and bar were super quiet they produced first class food.  The room was warm and provided everything we needed (including a bath, my hotel room essential).  The lounge had lovely comfy sofas and warm fires for the essential Scrabble playing evenings:


After hearty full Scottish breakfast (SH) and smoked haddock and poached egg (me) we felt ready to brave the cold and explore the area.  After a reccomendation, we headed for the Hermitage, not knowing what to expect.  And it turned out to be a real highlight of the trip.  A natural theme park of winding paths through the forest, over waterfalls and alongside the bubbling rivers.  Even more incredible in the snow!

Suitably frozen to the core, weak and weary from your adventures, there is only one thing for it.  A cosy fire lit pub for a glass of wine, a plate of hearty food, live music and another game of Scrabble.


We certainly ate well during our trip; plenty of locally caught/smoked salmon, game plates of pigeon and venison, hearty root vegetable risottos, classic soup and sandwich combos and afternoon teas to settle that sweet tooth.

All in all, and fantastic couple of nights that flew by too quickly.  We’ll be back Dunkeld!

IMG-20121206-00448  IMG-20121206-00450


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Putting the things around me in order. Sensory overload! So much to see and do in this beautiful city, Edinburgh, this blog helps to document and share what makes me tick.

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