1. Scandilicious by Signe Johanson.


Nom nom nom! This Swedish author/cook can singlehandedly get me off my lazy bottom to cook from scratch.  These recipes are devine! Jarlsberg and fennel muffins!! Vanilla and sour cream waffles!  Signe makes the most of the Scandinavian flora and fauna to set the ingredients.  Incidentally these ingredients are very similar to those found naturally in Scotland.  What’s more, she has a BLOG.  For more Scandi food, click here.

2. Peter Jenson Collection.

Keeping with the Scandi theme! I pretty much want everything in this collection…  Some stuff can be found on asos.com (including some sale items, which is about the only possible way to justify these pieces!).

3. Maison Bleu, Victoria St.


Discovered this spot by accident.  Snugly nestled among the other foodie dens and knick knack shops along Victoria St, Maison Bleu has got one of the best Edinburgh meal deals on at the moment.  Cosy, canndlelit rooms are staggered about the 3 floors of this old building.  Big, solid wooden tables and exposed stone walls. Homely and hearty french dishes and quality wines.  But the best bit! This Autumn they are offering a 2 course menu for £8.95.  No. Brainer.  I opted for the seafood millefeuille followed by the spinach and goat’s cheese tart.  SH for the warm salad (peppers, chorizo, olives, chillis and poached egg) and the Moroccon, slow roasted lamb shoulder.  Delicious!

4. Bloody Mary


My new thing! Mmmmm, hearty, healthy (??) and damn delicious. My new challenge is to create a new superdooper bloody mary recipe, so check back.  Anyone have any secret ingredients?  p.s in looking for the above photo, I discovered another great blog!

5. Compare the Meerkats.

SH and I both thought the exact same thing the last time we watched a Compare the Market ad.  What do we need to insure so we can get our hands on one of these? We are truly a marketer’s dream…  Anyone else this vulnerable to the advertising world? Incidentally, here is the website that explains exactly you can your hands on one.

Meerkat photo credit: http://www.meerkatstoys.co.uk/meerkovo-meerkats-toys.html


About greenteabug

Putting the things around me in order. Sensory overload! So much to see and do in this beautiful city, Edinburgh, this blog helps to document and share what makes me tick.

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