Edinburgh is great for spending the day wandering around in search of dinner ingredients.  Not only is the variety of food available so vast, but it is of excellent quality.  You can find anything you need for your culinary experiments in this foodie city.

  1. Eddie’s Fishmarket – Marchmont.  This place has already featured on Greenteabug; it’s an old favourite.  Live lobster sit eye to eye with squid.  The shop front window is crammed with the freshest hake, haddock, scallops, breeam and prawns.  An A-Z of the underwater world, anything you like.  Service is FANTASTIC.  They will help you with any recipe, and give you helpful tips to make your fishy experience less stressful.

2. Thai Supermarket – Dalry Road.  This asian supermarket, near Haymarket station, brings me right back to my childhood.  Asian spices are crammed alongside noodles, rice, frozen fish, fresh vegetables, dim sum, dumplings, and most importantly, old school sweets and snacks that I would have been found eating when I was 9, back in Hong Kong.  Oh super sweet nostalgia!

3. Valvona and Crolla – Elm Row (top of Leith Walk).  Again, another spot that has already featured here.  This place is for a splurge! Best quality pasta, wine, cheese and meats for your authentic Italian feast!  Make sure you spend plenty of time browsing the shelves so you don’t miss a thing.  The staff are helpful and will explain any of the less familiar ingredients (Filetti di Alici?? Bengal Pickle??), so you’re not restricted to your one and only Italian dish (Spag Bol.  Albeit, delicious).

4. Peter’s Yard – Middle Meadow Walk.  The best spot in Edinburgh for an authentic Swedish afternoon tea.  This beautiful, light and airy space is filled with the sweet and fragrant smells that any Swedish bakehouse should have.  Mine’ll be a green tea and a kanelbulle cinnamon bun.  And to take away, a slice of gooey chocolate Kladdkaka cake and some artisan crispbread.

5. Real Foods – Broughton Street.  When you are well stuffed with cannelloni, seafood platters, Asian snacks and Swedish cakes, pop in here for your feel good fix.  Just being in here will make you feel like a better person.  Yummy, organic produce, tubs of cereal, muesli and granola, A-Z of every imaginable vitamin, lotion and potion, guilt free snacks and the darkest, richest chocolate (it’s good for you).

Photo for Peter’s Yard http://edinburghcafeenthusiast.wordpress.com


About greenteabug

Putting the things around me in order. Sensory overload! So much to see and do in this beautiful city, Edinburgh, this blog helps to document and share what makes me tick.

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