This is the first post in my”Green” category, which is aiming to share a few interesting environmental/sustainability/ecological themed stories.

I recently read an article about a community group in Edinburgh that is trying to reduce their plastic consumption on a household level.  Living Plastic Free in Edinburgh are blogging about their efforts to eliminate new plastic products from their daily lives… no mean feat…  These guys are hardcore!


It’s only when you stop to really think about it that you realise it is a pretty monumental task to try and live plastic free – cosmetics, food packaging,  take aways, it’s everywhere!  The hardest task for these guys seems to be getting other people to accept and facilitate their new lifestyle – for example resistance from deli staff to put products in Tupperware you brought from home.  Simple solution but apparently not enough understanding out there.

What about you?  Could you make the change?  I think I’m going to have to start taking the steps…


About greenteabug

Putting the things around me in order. Sensory overload! So much to see and do in this beautiful city, Edinburgh, this blog helps to document and share what makes me tick.

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