1. Rainy days (so long as I don’t have to leave the house, but can instead curl up with a cup of tea watching “This Morning”)

2.  France and everything French in this gorgeous blog.  I could just get lost travelling the pages looking at the beautiful photos and dreaming that maybe one day that’ll be me!

3. Maps! I’ve always been a map geek, being able to happily sit and pour over maps all day.  This shop just popped up on my facebook and looks great, maps galore! (p.s Xmas present ideas… buy me an OS map and I’m happy as Larry).

4. Mummy Kaye Upholstery! – My Mum is so clever.  She took herself off to an upholstery class and now you can’t leave her alone with a piece of furniture without her trying to staple new bits of fabric to it.  Sofas, sewing kits, chairs, chaise longue – nothing is safe!  I want to try and get her to sell her stuff but in the meantime I’m trying to get my hands on as much of it as possible.  Here are a couple of things I’ve managed to run off with…


Sewing kit


Piano stool – for all those bits of paper you know are important, but you aren’t sure why, so betterjusthangontothem…

5. Valvona and Crolla – I could spend hours in this lovely Italian deli.  It sure isn’t cheap but it feeds my soul.  Risottos and pastas alongside fridges of fresh meats and vegetables, cheeses and breads, olives, wines, preserves, cakes and torrone, truffles, nougat and chocolate.  How could you resist! Indulge!


Anthony Redpath/Corbis





About greenteabug

Putting the things around me in order. Sensory overload! So much to see and do in this beautiful city, Edinburgh, this blog helps to document and share what makes me tick.

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  1. […] and Crolla – Elm Row (top of Leith Walk).  Again, another spot that has already featured here.  This place is for a splurge! Best quality pasta, wine, cheese and meats for your authentic […]

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