In all attempts to keep my holiday going through the weekend I woke S up at 8am to ensure we had a full day of fun.  Needless to say we were in bed by 4pm for a nap, but nevertheless had a brilliant morning wandering the streets of Edinburgh.  Leaving the house bleary eyed and a bit grumpy from the early start we headed for castle terrace and the Edinburgh Farmer’s Market.  We headed straight for the coffee van for a green tea and black coffee caffeine fix and decided to peruse without purchasing on our first wander up the strip of market stalls.  We didn’t get very far before breakfast hunger kicked in.  In fact, S got to the 2nd stall which was selling beef burgers and decided that would be a wholesome brekkie option but I vetoed and we took a seat in the sun under the rocky castle walls to eat steaming pots of porridge from Stoats – after all, you should never shop for food on an empty stomach.

After picking up some free range eggs, asparagus, olive bread and herb cheddar we headed up towards the castle and the royal mile to The Edinburgh Larder (see above for a more in depth review) for some Eteaket tea, espresso and delicious scones with butter and jam (although loathe to admit it, they are better than mine…).  Elevenses, you see….

Topped up and ready to move on we decided it was high time we tackled the Scott Monument on Princes’ Street.  We took this challenge on without much consideration for the big bag of farmer’s market goodies, my aversion to exercise or S’s fear of heights, but we managed the 280-something steps without too much drama.  The view is spectacular!  Definitely worth the effort, and we counted it as our day’s exercise, bonus!

By this point we had dipping blood sugar levels and S needed to settle his nerves so it was obviously time for another wee pit stop.  The Black Cat has become one of our favourite Edinburgh pubs for its cosy charm, excellent selection of drinks (esp. whisky) and great staff (full review to follow, above).  The Rose Street location is particularly convenient as there is about a 90% chance we’ll be passing it on our way home from anywhere in the City… booby trap!  Stop in sometime and try one of their guest ales, or whisky of the month and get chatting to the friendly bar staff.

And all this before 13:00!!!


About greenteabug

Putting the things around me in order. Sensory overload! So much to see and do in this beautiful city, Edinburgh, this blog helps to document and share what makes me tick.

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