The street is a dangerous place.  Even the pavement is dangerous.  Plenty of opportunities for mortification; you’re better off staying at home.

Here are some common offenders:

  1. The little jig you are forced to do when you come head to head with an another pedestrian
  2. The crack in the pavement that trips you up.  You check around to make sure no one has noticed/deliberately tripped you up, before glaring down at the offending crack as if waiting for an explanation, or at least an apology
  3. Bird poo – enough said
  4. Crossing the road  and a car speeds up in your direction.  You pretend not to notice, or care, but do a little nervous scurry to the pavement stifling an involuntary squeal
  5. Getting caught checking out your reflection in a car/shop/bus window (the shame)
  6. Speed walking to catch a bus that’s about to pull out of the stop and then pretending you don’t really care that it left without you

No? Just me?


About greenteabug

Putting the things around me in order. Sensory overload! So much to see and do in this beautiful city, Edinburgh, this blog helps to document and share what makes me tick.

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  1. Kate says:

    You’re spot on…though I’ve been pooed on 3 times and I was told that is good luck…always a positive…

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