Half Way!! (near enough…)

So my thoughts?  This is just thoroughly boring.  My evenings are boring, I’m boring.  Additionally my lack of hangovers takes away my chance to wallow in self pity, indulge in crap food and spend all day in bed.

I’ve been asked why I’m doing this and to be honest I’m not entirely sure.  I think it’s to do with saving money but that has gone out the window after mass purchase of party rings.  Someone also asked me if I enjoyed feeling smug about sobriety.  I don’t feel smug, I feel very, very jealous.  As you can imagine, working in a bar I’m constantly the Green Eyed Monster.

I’m not particularly surprised by the general lack of support and scepticism – I know myself that I never enjoyed someone sober sitting in on my party and I also never imagined I could be that person for a month.  Ahh well, only 16 more days of party rings, green tea, elderflower cordial, overactive dreaming, waking up at silly o’ clock, “This Morning” being the highlight of my day and an abandoned relationship with Ibuprofen.


About greenteabug

Putting the things around me in order. Sensory overload! So much to see and do in this beautiful city, Edinburgh, this blog helps to document and share what makes me tick.

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