Plant Based Diet

So as I mentioned in my last post, my Christmas spirit never really left after December and as a result I have 6 or so llbs to lose in order to fit into my wedding dress (that’s important, right?).  So my game plan is to 1) up the yoga and 2) spend the next couple of weeks following a plant based diet.  Ok so that doesn’t mean eliminate meat and fish, it just means that any given plate of food will be predominantly based up plants, grains, seeds, pulses etc.  I will be getting most of my protein from dairy – cheese (never going to give this one up…), yogurt, butter.  And carbs in the form of grainy breads, rice and fruit will be important too.

Here’s dinner sample 1: The Good Old Vegetarian Mezze Platter!



Real french bread, olive oil, sundried tomatoes, raw green peppers, cous cous with sultanas, olives, avocado, hummus, soft cheese stuffed spicy red peppers and the Queen of the Show: Spinach, strawberry, goat’s cheese, almond and balsamic salad.  Oh and a glass of white wine :)


Feeling the Pinch

While visiting my parents this weekend I tried on the beautiful wedding dress my Mum is making and to my (and my mother’s) horror, realised it didn’t fit!  Since my last visit in January, I have been mindlessly munching away on cakes and chocolate, never really ever having left the Christmas state of mind… and half a stone later, we face a problem.  My Mum doesn’t consider herself experienced enough in the sewing department to re-fashion the entire dress a size bigger, so the only solution is for me to ditch the cakes.  My route of choice is to up the yoga and eat the veggies.  Stay tuned, this ride could be bumpy!


© Ragne Kabanova | Dreamstime Stock Photos

5 Things I’m Loving

1. Beetroot

The colour, the flavour, the mess. I used to hate this stuff but now it makes me go crazy… there is something in this stuff I swear!


2. Wedding Planning

Who knew! I am actually loving the wedding planning phase and I’m not sure I want it to end (defeats the purpose, I know…).  I think it helps that SH and I have a small budget so we don’t have room for the plans to get crazy + we both have the same idea for roughly how we want the day to go.  Roll on October 2014!


I wish I could make stuff.  Or fix stuff.  Or Invent stuff.  Well until then, thank God there is Etsy.  Such a great site and even better, supporting individual craftspeople and small businesses.  Both my engagement ring and our wedding bands have been purchased from etsy.


4. Flying

In the last few weeks I’ve been learning that just because I have grown (albeit not much), changed shape, lost and gained weight/strength/flexibility/mobility, I am still capable of moving in many of the ways I could as a kid.  The difference seems to be fear.  As I youngster I would walk across a room on my hands, or drop back into full wheel, flip my legs over my head, back to standing.  Obviously flexibility etc is super important but with a little faith in yourself, good guidance from your teachers and persistence in practice, you can rediscover your body’s potential – this is all very exciting for me!


5.  New Opportunities

This one isn’t public yet, but soon! All I will say is that you need to say YES when in doubt.  Trust your gut.  Take the leap of faith. Challenge yourself.

Feeling Optimistic

Things are looking up, and changes are about. I have finally taken my own advice and decided to be proactive about choosing my own path – watch. This. Space!Image

Beat the Snots

Thanks to these tips from some wise folk I am nearly never ill with a cold… and if I am, these ensure it’s over as quickly as it started.  I’m feeling the first niggly signs so I’m repeating these actions on a loop!

  • Eat your fruit and veggies - in a smoothie/juice/whole, it doesn’t matter, just make sure you get a tonne!



  • Blow your nose don’t sniff!
  • Wash your hands obsessively
  • Gentle, restorative yoga to twist your body and wring out the toxins


  • Think positively!
  • Doctors may disagree but I reckon a stiff drink helps to kill the bugs!

2014-03-25 16.01.58


  • Look after yourself – treat yourself, get cosy, eat cake
  • Noodle soup – I don’t know why, it’s magic


  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - tea, water, juice, tea, water, juice, repeat

5 Things I’m Loving

1. Mindfullybeing

These guys provide an excellent training service for mindfullness – how to use it in your personal or professional life and how to use it to overcome psychological barriers.  Get Mindful People!

2. No Make Up Selfies! 

Wow there are a lot of barenaked faces out there and everyone looks great.  Everyone text BEAT to 70007 to donate to Cancer Research – selfie or no selfie.



3. No. 39 Cafe

Your one stop shop for green juice, teas, raw snacks, delicious sandwiches, yoga and aerial yoga! All they need now are bunk beds!



4. Yoga Girl


For all the yoga inspiration you could ever need!!  Great recipes from her blog too – I’ve tried the Raw Vegan Chocolate and the Raw Vegan Nutella (notice a theme?).

IMG_6659-225x300  MG_9212-Edit-610x1024

5. Say Her Name – Francisco Goldman

A beautiful book, and the first one in a long time that hit all the right notes with me and got me thinking – long after I read the last page…  Painful and honest  Check out the Guardian review.

Morning Yoga and Instagram

IMG_20140320_111532 Nothing like a morning headstand to get the blood moving and sieve out the aches and pains.  More yoga related posts will be added to my instagram @green_tea_bug in the future

Emerging from the Darkness

After a long time off the radar I’m really starting to miss writing/typing/engaging in social media (believe it or not).  I do really enjoy sharing the highs and lows, the hits and the misses – despite my dad thinking it’s unashamedly self indulgent.  So many things are going on for me at the moment, and this has always been a great place to check in and digest the big things.  So far since my last post I’ve become engaged, been planning the wedding, taking my yoga practice to the next step, been studying online to enhance my meditation and learn about cognitive behavioural therapy… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  So here I am… Maybe I just need a holiday!


Free Uni for All!

This is absolutely brilliant.  Free, online university courses for all, at a time that suits you, in subjects that range from astro physics to equine nutrition, sustainability to epigenetic control of gene expression.  Many leading universities across the world have signed up to this program and have supplied their world class professors to lead these online courses.  While you don’t receive any official accreditation  there are opportunities to participate and test yourself.


I think come January I’m going to go crazy over this!

Scrabble 100!


SH and I have taken our renewed Scrabble love to the next level.  We have established our very own Scrabble challenge.  First to 100 wins! The loser must provide the winner with a lavish, Scrabble themed party with banners and food and merriment.  This competition could take a while (as in years), or it could all be over in a jiffy.  Watch this space!  Current rankings:

Elise: 3

SH: 1

Let the games begin!